Interior design is the art and science to beautify and enhance the looks of buildings or an area. Interior design makes spaces more aesthetically appealing leaving the environment pleasant. Interior design is nowadays considered an extremely important thing as with progressing time lifestyle is advancing which not only requires areas to look appealing but also be more functional.

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Interior Decorated house vs Simple house

A small house interior decorated by an expert would be more functional and space efficient than a large house poorly decorated house. Many people don’t hire an interior designer just to save money but the pros of getting a house decorated outweigh its cons.

  1. An interior decorator analyses and evaluates your space knows your preferences and proposes a plan best suited to your lifestyle and budget.
  2. An interior decorator has an art of making the best use of square footage.
  3. Interior designing is not about choosing colours and styles instead it is about transforming people’s lives and improving them.

Don’t miss the opportunity of transforming your quality of life by replacing the dull and boring space with an exciting one. This would not only make your house look remarkable but also make you relieved after a tiring day.

Origin of Interior Design

With industrial revolution in mid to late 19th century, interior design services expanded as the middle class grew in size. Large furniture firm established giving rise to a trend of full house furnishing in various exemplary designs and styles. With the increasing trend of interior designing business; employment of Builders, Engineers, Furniture artists, plasterers and technicians increased firms adopted a practice of publishing attractive catalogues with lavish styles to attract.

With a rise in departmental stores in communities, spaces were furnished in varied beautiful, eye-catching styles to attract customers and set examples. Model rooms were set up in various national and international exhibitions to advertise to the public. This opened a new path of professions – interior designers are highly skilled and creative.

They have a special sense and knowledge to understand the impact of colours to create a suitable combination and demeanour of places. Décor and designing create a positive impact on health and mind of individuals by giving a calm, cheerful and dramatic look.

Types of interior designing

–    Residential: an interior of private residences. Designs are created according to individual needs and demands

  • Commercial: Retail: Shopping malls, departmental stores, and showrooms
    Visual and Spatial branding: utilization of space for corporate branding
  • Corporate: Décor of offices e.g. Banks
  • Healthcare: Designing of hospitals and clinics
  • Recreations and Hospitality: Hotels, public resorts, casinos, clubs, restaurants, gyms, and spas
  • Institutional: Government areas and offices, schools, universities etc
  • Industry: manufacturing, assembling and other industrial sectors
  • Exhibitions: Museums, galleries and exhibition centres
  • Traffic buildings: Airports, bus stations, railway centres etc.
  • Sports: Gyms and stadiums

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