Just want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing than a cheap Colorbond shed; [something] that could hold all the equipment and keep the chemicals away from the kids?


Using some  weatherboard that was left over after building his home, with some  interior flooring, Matt knocked up this bright and beachy pool shed all in the space of one long weekend.

Here are the nine steps he followed. (You can use these steps to build a cubbyhouse for the kids too!)

Nine steps to your own pool shed

Figure out where you want to locate it and how big it’s going to be. Grab a paper and pen and sketch the width, depth and height. Work out what frame materials you need and pick them up from the hardware shop. “Keep in mind that you’re essentially building a box,” Matt says. “You’ll need timber for bearers and joists, and four posts. For mine, I used 200 x 50mm treated pine to frame the bottom and 75 x 45mm treated pine to frame the walls.”

Dig a hole for your four posts. Matt used treated pine and a post-hole concrete mix for his, but you can also use steel saddle brackets – it doesn’t really matter. After you’ve secured the four posts with the post-hole mix, make sure all four posts are at the same level – you can do this by using a string line to measure the exact height.

Now frame up the bottom – spacing the bearers at 1.8 metres apart, which depending on the size, may just be at the perimeter, and then the joists (the timbers that go on top of the bearers to carry the interior flooring) at 450mm apart, centre to centre.

Now frame each of the walls, fastening the studs at a 90 degree angle. Make sure you tie the walls to the base and then to each other – but check the Linea weatherboard structions on how to do this properly. Lay the interior flooring over the joists – but read this simple Installation Manual first. Now clad the walls with the product you’re using – as you can see, the weatherboard looks fantastic, so take a look at the simple installation video first.
Now that’s all done, add the door.

Get the look
When Matt decided he wanted a beachy and bright look for his pool shed, there was no doubt in his mind which product he would use.

“Using Linea weatherboard made a lot of sense – it’s easy to work with, durable, simple to attach and looks sensational,” he said.

“All our visitors say it looks fantastic,” says Matt. “It really opens your mind to what you can do.”

Linea weatherboard wasn’t the only product featured in this pool shed. Matt also used interior flooring on top of an elevated sub-floor. Elevating the shed off the ground gave him easy access to plumbing.

“Interior flooring, luckily, is waterproof and given the floor pumps and water under and around the shed, was an ideal choice,” he said.

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