See below for information regarding the “ANZAHPE/AMEA 2015 Joint Conference Workshops” which occurred in 2015. Posted for Archival purposes.

The ANZAHPE/AMEA 2015 Scientific Program Committee have put together the following Pre-Conference workshops for delegates to attend.

All Pre-Conference workshops will be taking place on Saturday 28th March 2015.

All Pre-Conference workshops are optional and not included in any registration categories.
Delegates are requested to register for their desired workshop/s during the registration process.

Workshop Time Cost per ticket (A$)
Morning Workshop 1
Publishing qualitative research papers in medical
and health journals

Presenter: Victor Minichiello
0900-1230 Standard: $115.00
Student: $95.00
Morning Workshop 2
Workplace-based assessment for the Health

Presenters: Prof Kichu Nair, Prof Brian Jolly,
Ms Kathy Ingham, Ms Leonie English
0900-1230 Standard: $115.00
Student: $95.00
Morning Workshop 3
Underperforming students on clinical placement:
supervision, assessment and maintaining standards

Presenters: Dr Catherine Johnston, Clint Newstead,
Dr Lesley MacDonald-Wicks
0900-1230 Standard: $115.00
Student: $95.00
Morning Workshop 4
A Comprehensive  Introduction to the Kawa
(River) Model in Clinical and Educational
Practice Contexts
Presenter: Prof Michael Iwama
0900-1230 Standard: $115.00
Student: $95.00
Afternoon Workshop 5
Standard Setting for the OSCE
Presenters: Prof Judith (Nicky) Hudson,
Prof Tim Wilkinson
1330-1700 Standard: $115.00
Student: $95.00
Afternoon Workshop 6
Engaging teachers and learners in the
patient safety agenda

Presenters: Ms Avril Lee, Dr Dale Sheehan,
Dr Maggie Meeks
1330-1700 Standard: $115.00
Student: $95.00
Afternoon Workshop 8
Programmatic Assessment; What is it?
How do you do it? When would you use it?

Presenters: Prof Lambert Schuwirth, Prof Brian Jolly
1330-1700 Standard: $115.00
Student: $95.00
Full Day Workshop 9 – (by invitation only)
International Clinician Educator Summit
Presented by: ‘The International Clinical Educator Academy”
(The registration fee includes lunch)


Download the ICE Summit Program now

0800-1700 $240.00